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MARK DIAMOND made a hologram of the bust of Buckminster Fuller before he died...and that was just the beginning of his career.
Those who use high tech instrumentation and techniques in their work automatically qualify as SCIENCE-ARTISTS, yet Diamond also brings a sympatico spiritual philosophy to his work. He is NOT a Diamond in the Rough, but a multifaceted techno-artist.

Laser Holographer Stereographer 3D Videographer Photographer Cinematographer
For more than 27 years, Mark Diamond has provided world-class holographic services for the design and creation of three - dimensional, animated, full color holograms. He is best know for linking high technology laser holography with a deep commitment to setting creative and aesthetic standards of quality.

With works on exhibit in private and public collections in over 13 countries, Diamond has spearheaded holographic projects circling the globe. He has also consulted on holography for several large corporations including Coca Cola.

"From mysterious 13,000 year old artifacts to 3D scientific illustrations of stealth technologies, we specialize in bringing leading edge innovations to your imaging needs."

Bucky: Harvard Science Center
I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking.
I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking. I took it when he wasn't looking.
Moonhop. Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan
Talking Heads
Mark Diamond examines the computer controlled talking hologram system - his innovation.
Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones enjoys a 3-D Stereo-gram produced by Diamond Images for "Woody's" Miami Beach circa early 1990s.

The above stereo-gram is arranged for crosseyed viewing (right on left,left on right), in other words, slowly cross your eyes and form a 3-D image in your head as the two converge on top of each other.

High Tech Murals
The Mural pictured right is a sample of Mark Diamond's mural making capability. It's measurements are 8 feet high and 18 feet long. It has been painted robotically with a paint similar to that used on automobile bodies, and is archival indoors. Outdoors it is good for 10 years in the rain and sun.

Image BELOW this one is Mark Diamond with Yuri Dennisyak, inventor of reflection holography.
Corporate clients include:

United Technologies/Norden Systems
De Beers Diamonds
Coca Cola Company
Marriott Hotels
Chu-Nichi Tokyo
Ilford UK
CBS Records
Borders Custom Framing

Private collections include:

Quincy Jones
Wynton Marsalis
David Lee Roth
Chris Blackwell
David Copperfield
Sheik Mohammed Al Fassi
Alan Gold
Steve Jobs
Peter Max

Public collections include:

Ontario Science Center
American Museum of Science and Energy
Miami Museum of Science
New Zealand Tourist Welcome Bureau
South Carolina State Museum

Government clients include:

N.A.S.A. Huntsville Marshall Spaceflight Center
N.O.A.A. Boulder, Colorado
Lawrence Livermore Radiation Laboratory
National Hurricane & Experimental Meteorological Laboratory

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